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Juggling Mom

Juggling Mom


This is a topic that is near and dear to my heart as it has been a continuous struggle for me, my husband and my family. It is hard to do things that are against what you believe the Lord would have for your family – however – the Scriptures DO say it is okay for women to work (Proverbs 31), just that the husband should be the main provider while the wife is the main one at home raising the children. I know it is not a struggle that just my family has, as it is something I see asked A LOT on different homeschool forums.

Can one successfully homeschool while working?

It is a normal concern to wonder if one can do both as both take a lot of time and energy, however, there are a surprising number of homeschooling moms who are also working. The majority that I know work part-time and many of them from home. Shockingly, there are even those who work FULL-TIME and homeschool.  Now, that I am intrigued about! So, the answer is “YES! but…”

This day and age it is extremely difficult to live on just one income, even if you don’t have a lot of debt. Because each family and each home are so different, it is difficult to give specific help to those who may be facing this situation, but it is possible to encourage you that not only is it possible, but it is possible to THRIVE while doing it!  Personally, I have had to work part-time since I quit my full-time job and we started homeschooling five years ago. Keep in mind that many different factors will make this easier or more difficult.

  • Having a husband who is supportive and helpful will be a HUGE factor as to how it goes.
  • The number of hours you work will affect how it works.
  • The time of day can be a factor as well. [As a side note, I have known homeschool moms who didn’t NEED to work but simply WANTED to work. I would *SERIOUSLY CAUTION* you to reconsider, if this is you. Although it is possible and many do it, it definitely has an affect on the family. It takes a lot of freedom of time as well as causing additional stress on ALL family members.]

I have worked from home; worked inside and outside the home at the same time; and just worked outside the home. In the beginning it was fairly easy for me to work from home, but as our youngest got older (and louder LOL) working from home became more difficult. I then went to inside and outside the home, followed by just outside the home. We have been working toward me being able to stay home and not work at all since the beginning, but that is not a reality yet.

Both working inside the home and outside the home have their pros and cons.

  • Working inside the home means you will not need to purchase new clothes to wear – you can work in your pjs if you want! (Well, unless you Skype, then you will want to at least change your shirt. *grin*)
  • Most often you can pick your own hours that you work. Things that often don’t go with working from home are noise (young children and pets) which are the two reasons I finally went to working outside the home. One thing I have been completely impressed with is the talent of MANY homeschool moms! I know those who decorate cakes (beautifully!), make homeschool curriculum (that sells!), publish books (that sell!), quilt, sew, bake and MANY other things.  There is SO MUCH talent in the homeschool community!
  • Working outside the home provides the quiet necessary to run a business as well as it can give you some “adult conversation” time. *grin*
  • Depending on the job, it may also provide some form of benefits (insurance, vacation, etc. – which none of mine ever have but there may be some that do).

One question I hear a lot is “How do you get it all done?”

Simply put – YOU DON’T. *grin* It’s pretty much like “the squeaky wheel gets the oil”. It is possible you will need to make changes to the way your family works. For instance, eating. I know many homeschool families like to eat as homemade as possible. This may not be something you will be able to continue as it is much more time consuming than not. However, if it is something of EXTREME importance to your family, IT CAN BE DONE but something else will not get done unless you have help from someone (husband / kids).

So, can working and homeschooling be done? ABSOLUTELY! Can you homeschool, work AND do everything else? NO! If you do end up working, I pray your husband will be a blessing to you and your family and help you with the house, the cooking and with the kids (even homeschooling!).

I pray this has been an encouragement to those who are currently working and homeschooling as well as those who may be facing doing both. I want to encourage you that YOU CAN DO BOTH! as long as you realize your time will be split and your need to accomplish more in a smaller amount of time. You will need to NOT expect perfection from yourself (or your family). And accept that some things you may want to do will have to wait.


Dawn WintersDawn is a woman of God who is married to the love of her life. She works part-time, homeschools their two boys (since 2008) and loves animals. She enjoys learning what the Lord will provide for each day. You can find her over at Guiding Light Homeschool.


  1. Great post, Dawn. There are definitely pros and cons no matter what path we find ourselves on. Moms CAN work and homeschool, thanks for the encouragement and the terrific tips!

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