Using Answers in Genesis, Book for Kids in our Homeschool

Every morning after breakfast, we start our Bible study. This is a fantastic way for anyone to start their day. For me, it helps me refocus and appreciate my life, even on the hard days (you know……when all 4 kids have lost it and all you can do is wonder how far away bedtime is…oh….it’s only 8 a.m…this is going to be a LONG day!).

We use several Bible books throughout our day, but one of my favorites is, “Answers in Genesis, Book for Kids”. Have you heard of this series? Let me tell you, it’s fantastic!
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There are 6 volumes available. The most appealing aspect of these books is that they cover questions actually asked by children. And many of the questions are ones my kids have asked me and I was a little stumped on how to answer! So I’ve been very thankful for this set when I can read the questions to the kids and give them an answer they can understand and learn from.

Here’s what the 6 books cover:

Volume 1-Creation and The Fall
Volume 2-Dinosaurs and Flood
Volume 3-God and the Bible
Volume 4-Sin, Salvation and Christian Life
Volume 5-Space and Astronomy
Volume 6-Babel and Ice Age

There’s a very good range of topics covered in these books. We cover one question a day. After I’ve read the question and answer, we discuss it a little further and the kids ask questions about what they just learned.

The questions and answers are simple, but very informative in a way that children can understand it. We love this set! This would be great for homeschooling, church classes, or even families looking for something biblical for their kids!

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