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Jim Hodges Audio Books Giveaway

This weeks sponsor: Jim Hodges Audio Books Giveaway –  Win 2 Cds of your choice

Jim Hodges Audio Books Makes History Come Alive with Henty books and more…..

When we first began listening to our new audio book, True to the Old Flag, we were captivated as we heard Mr. Hodges change his voice in so many ways.  Whatever character he was reading about, he would become.  Voice inflections, accents and all!  We knew that we would NOT get bored!   He has a way of making the story so interesting & the listener feels as if he or she is right there with the characters of the book.  My son is always asking if we can listen to one more chapter, when it’s time for our listening session to end.

One of my hesitations to picking up a Henty book was because of the “old English”.  Well, Jim Hodges Audio books has helped me out with that one, too!  They have vocabulary guides to go with many of the Henty books that are available on their site. When we don’t know what a word means, we look it up in the vocab guide.  Talk about a time saver!  (Read more of this in depth review at Sidetracked Sarah)

What others are saying . . .

“What do you get when you cross a spellbinding story with an eloquent storyteller? You get Jim Hodges reading aloud a G. A. Henty book! We had to drive 6 hours this weekend and our family was enthralled! Mr. Hodges reads with a fluent style that charmed us all, from Drew (7 years) to Daddy (40 years).”
L. F. – Renton WA, TEACH Magazine

“A highly professional recording. Made history come alive for me and my sons. What a voice!”
D. J. – Fort Worth TX

“Whether you are out on a walk, riding in the car, or just sitting by the fire, you will be able to bring these G. A. Henty classics with you wherever you go. Jim Hodges has brought to life these Henty novels in unabridged, dramatic readings. The tapes are high-quality and well recorded with strong, clear reading – perfect for recapturing that “lost” time in the car.”
God’s World Book Club


Jim Hodges Giveaway-Audio Books


Products for younger listeners

If you have younger listeners in your homeschool, check out the following audio books:

Our Young Folks Josephus

Yesterday’s Classics

Still not sure how you will use these books in your homeschool?  Try listening to this free recording about how these products can be valuable tools in your homeschool:

Jim Hodges speaks

10th Anniversary Sale!

Save lots of money on Jim Hodges Audio Books: go to the August 2014 “10th Anniversary Sale Page!” 

This audio books giveaway will bless your homeschool with a resource the whole family can enjoy.


FREEBIE For Everyone!  

Would you like to try one of his audio books AND study guides for free?  All of us, get a free download of the book, Under Drake’s Flag!  Exciting, isn’t it?

Under Drake's Flag


Setting: AD 1580 – Sailing ships, The Inquisition – Circumnavigation of the Globe.

Story: With hearty singing of Psalms, Drake and his crew greeted the Pomo Indians who resided in an area known today as San Francisco. Sir Francis Drake is the first English explorer to circumnavigate the globe and thus sail upon the Pacific Ocean. Ned Hearne and three of his friends make up part of Drake’s crew. The boys will share in Drake’s adventures on the Spanish Main in the 1580s. The heroic adventures of Francis Drake and life on the Spanish Main (Central America) will come alive through the masterful storytelling of G.A. Henty.



In order to get this FREE full length audio book and study guide, just go here to Jim Hodges Audio Books and enter your email address and download code of HSEDrake.  This is only available for a limited time, so get it before it expires.

Jim Hodges Audio Books Giveaway – enter with one link or enter with them all!

One Special winner will win 2 Free Audio Books from Jim Hodges Audio Books.  Your Choice!  A great way to supplement your homeschool!!  Enter in the Rafflecopter below:


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Aiming for Mastery

Aiming for Mastery @homeschoolsurvival

This time of year, many homeschool moms start discussing mastery.

How do you know when students have mastered a subject and are ready to move on to the next level? Some experts recommend that you complete at least 75% of a textbook to consider it credit-worthy.

But, what if you don’t use a textbook? Or, what if you switch curriculum mid-year?

According to HSLDA, “For courses that do not use a standard high school-level textbook (perhaps you are putting together your own unit study, or you are using an integrated curriculum), log the hours that your child spends completing the course work. One credit is approximately 120-180 hours of work.” (

With those guidelines in mind, I go one step further when evaluating my students’ readiness to move to the next level. I move ahead when they’re ready, and I don’t move ahead if they’re not.

It isn’t easy to let go of the feeling that you have to complete this or that, or that you have to check this or that box in the plan book. It is also a struggle when you have the feeling that you’re behind if you haven’t reached a certain chapter in the book by now. Believe me, I get it. I’ve been homeschooling for eleven years, and every year is still a new experience as we move into upper level high school classes. But, I decided it is more important that my kids know enough to move forward than it is to finish the book by a certain time.

Aiming for mastery is the goal:

  • When my youngest masters printing, we will move into cursive.
  • When my oldest masters Algebra I, we’ll move on to Algebra II.
  • We might set anatomy aside for a while and study ecology and astronomy during the summer months, and then pick up where we left off.
  • Even when 180 days have been completed, we will continue reading our read-aloud novel until we finish it, because we really want to know how everything turns out.

Equipping my kids with the joy of lifelong learning is my primary target.


Anne CampbellAnne Campbell is the mother to three boys (in every sense of the word!) and a homeschooler for the past eleven years. She is the Managing Editor of Blog at Home Educating Family Association, columnist for Home Educating Family Magazine, and member of the Home Educating Family review team. As a former classroom teacher, she loves to share resources and ideas and encourage other moms and homeschoolers. When they started on their homeschooling  journey, her oldest son was in kindergarten. They decided to take it one day at a time, one year at a time, and now she has a high school student, middle school student, and elementary student, and all still at home. They fly by the seats of their pants most days, spending as much time as possible exploring nature, and seizing learning opportunities whenever they appear. You can visit her at her blog Learning Table. You can also find Anne on Bloglovin’FacebookTwitterPinterest, and Instagram.

 photo bibleteaching_zpsc5404c7b.jpg

Early on in our homeschooling journey, I began using the Bible as the foundation of our curriculum. Outside of the usual Bible stories, we use it to memorize scripture, and practice handwriting, print and cursive. It’s simple to use the Word (or our weekly verses) to pull out spelling, vocabulary and learn punctuation.

We use it as the foundation of our Science – as we believe that all of Creation points toward the Master Creator. We love exploring God’s creation, and using His Word to give him the glory as we do.

Psalm 104: 24-25

“How many are your works, Oh Lord!

In wisdom you made them all;

the earth is full of your creatures.”

 photo 55e5b91e-b94d-421c-bc87-a54d581a991a_zpsb16c55ab.jpg

It’s the foundation in our history studies as it’s an incredible record of both ancient history as well as a guide to understanding today’s current events. Whether we are learning about faraway lands, or reading about the founding of our Nation, there are verses to use which add inspiration to our lessons, and which teach our boys that God’s hand is on them.

Job 12: 10

“In His hand is the life of every creature

and the breath of all mankind.”


Reading and studying the Word in our homeschool provides opportunity to bond in our families on a spiritual level as well as intellectually. I will read a portion of Scripture out loud, and then ask questions to find out whether or not the boys understand what they are hearing. It is amazing to see how the Holy Spirit grows them without my input at all. I love hearing their opinions about what they believe God is telling them. You can indeed have philosophical discussions with 6, 7, and 8 year olds. The bible is a terrific source for philosophy, and critical thinking.

No matter what you seek to study in your family homeschool, you can find creative ways to use God’s Word as the most reliable source available. You will not regret pointing your children towards the Scripture time and again as a standard of which to measure all else. Most of all, you can have great peace knowing that, as it says in Isaiah 55: 11,

” . . . it will not return void.”


Kelli Becton2Kelli Becton – Homeschooling Adventurez (division of AdventurezinChildRearing)

Is a Jesus loving, homeschooling mama of 3 boys (biological and adoption).  They are an outdoor family, living and learning on the Gulf coast of Southwest Florida. Kelli was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis over 11 years ago, and although there is pain, there is also great joy. She and her husband, Mark, have always loved the outdoors and they spend as much time as possible adventuring with their boys. Exploring God’s creation is their favorite pass-time. Jesus is their passion, and homeschooling their boys is a blessing. Kelli loves to write and speak to other homeschool families, sharing life’s lessons and what God has laid on her heart, through their adventures.