Summer Craziness!!!!

Summers are C R A Z Y here!
We LOVE the mild mornings for outdoor play.


They were enjoying some morning “coffee” in the crows nest. Most mornings are beautiful and our play yard is shaded wonderfully till about 10:30am.

This is normally where we play for the first two hours of our “movement” part of the day.



We really do enjoy the “hot” parts of the day in the school room. They can be active, yet not risk heat stroke!


We also love the hot afternoons for some much needed school time in the cool comforts of AIR CONDITIONING!
Yep, the open window explains why it was still so warm in there! 🙁


This is what happens when the two year old is tired and hungry AND it is lunch/nap time. Poor baby!


This particular day I was calling around for counter tops during school and time got away!  AWAY so much that princess put herself down for a nap! 🙁

We will work HARD on phonics.

We will hopefully drive home the basic addition 1 to 5.

HOPEFULLY, the oldest three will learn to write numbers to nine and all of their alphabet. (Sidewalk chalk is an amazing gross motor writing tool!)   I hate the clean up, but when the physical therapist and mom say  “use YOUR muscles”!  It is awesome for following those directions!

We school year round here.   Summers are much lighter “office” work, but still very strong on academics.   There are lots of adventures, from play dates, dinners out, hands dirty in various activities, LOTS of movement and songs.

 How do you do your summers?


Venus JonesVenus loves giving us a glimpse into her crazy, busy life as mom of 9, the youngest 6 of which she’s adopted.  She has been homeschooling for 13 yrs.  She recently started a new blog called Mommy Bear Blog and would love for you to follow her journey there.

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