PE is More Than Just Gym Class

PE is More Than Just Gym Class


PE is just as important for homeschooled kids as it is for any other students (and adults, for that matter).  But, the flexible schedule of homeschoolers allows for much more interesting activities.  My kids both ride horses (my in laws have two, and my sister in law teaches them) and we take advantage of various classes that come up.


One of the other homeschooling moms offered a 6 week archery course that my kids jumped at!  My family has a long history of archery…allegedly going all the way back to William Tell!  My grandparents ran a mail order archery supply company and I have many fond memories of shooting targets in their backyard.

Both Curly and Mouthy are loving it, and are surprisingly good for having never done it before. Mouthy said, “I finally found a sport I can do without hurting myself!”

Bow hunting is very popular in our area so the mom offering the course plans to continue with more classes in bow hunting, target shooting, and competition.

(My high school gym class program included line dancing. I kid you not.  I’m from Northern New York, so line dancing might as well have been Greek to this group of non-Southern red necks.)

If you have a skill in a certain area, or even just enjoy it, think about offering it for the other homeschoolers in your community. The flexibility of homeschooling schedules (or as my friend Julie calls it, “car schooling”, since we are all always on the go!) can allow your kids a greater range of experiences than line dancing in a room full of sweaty, bored teenagers!

If you need some ideas, here’s some that will get you started:

  • Tennis
  • Bowling
  • Badmintion Tournaments
  • Croquet
  • Fencing
  • Knife Throwing (with care of course)
  • Hunting
  • Volleyball/Walleyball (some local gyms have Walleyball on lunch break or in the evenings)
  • Relay Races
  • Kickball
  • Karate
  • Flag Football
  • Playground Play
  • 5k/10k
  • Biking (as a family is always good)
  • Hiking

What else?  I know there’s plenty that I’ve missed.  If you were going to host a PE gathering for your homeschool group, what would YOU do?  Share it here so that it may help the other readers!


Kathy LaPan is a homeschooling mom of two in Northern NY. She has an MBA in finance and teaches through Check out her blog at Simply Homeschool Living.


  1. SwimMom says:

    My son is a competitive swimmer and diver, and he’s working toward competitive gymnastics. He also plays soccer recreationally. He also enjoys Airsoft target shooting, and jumping on trampolines. Softball, baseball, golf, rock climbing, hiking, scuba diving, snorkeling, rappelling, ropes courses, zip lining and slack rope walking are popular where I live as well.

  2. Jennifer Whitten says:

    We do whatever’s in season, like Baseball, ect. for our kids and a whole lot of basketball, bike riding, walks (I even get creative and have them walk all kind of crazy ways) and my favorite….time in the woods with Daddy putting out corn, checking cameras, ect.

  3. I’m glad to hear how active your kids are, Jennifer and SwimMom! I have had a lot of homeschooling moms ask me “how do I teach PE?” But it isn’t something you have to teach! Play is the best PE.

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