Mid-Year Crisis….Changing Curriculum Mid-Year



Changing Curriculum Mid-Year

Awww the beginning of the school year.  You’ve spent hours researching curriculum for your home school.  You have the curriculum all ready to go. Your binder is tagged.  Copies are made.  Books are stacked.  It’s “go time” and you can’t wait to dive in!
Then you get started only to realize that it isn’t going to work after all.  WHAT?!!! I spent all this money!!! I am determined to persevere. In the end, the curriculum just won’t cut it.  What do you do?
One option is keeping the curriculum, but at what expense? I know full well how awful it is to fork over good money on materials that sit and gather dust. But I also know how scrapping a curriculum that doesn’t work keeps me sane. 🙂

How do you know when it is time to switch curriculum?

  1. When there is a constant power struggle in a subject that the child previously loved.
  2. If they are having a hard time comprehending the curriculum
  3. The curriculum doesn’t match their learning style. This is one that is really important. I think if your curriculum doesn’t match how they learn, it can be very difficult reaching them or making the experience enjoyable.
  4. Tears.  Yep, tears are a pretty good sign it is time to make some changes!!!
Sometimes you do not have to scrap it all. You may be able to pick and choose what you keep and do not keep. I have done that before and it works out quite well! I also have changed just one or 2 things instead of redoing EVERYTHING. However, I have also had to scrap it all. One year I bought a super well known curriculum for my middle son. It was pretty pricey too! Yet he was bored to tears each day! There really was not much to keep of it, so I scrapped the whole thing and started again.  In the end, it was worth it because the one thing I don’t want to do, is force a curriculum on my children and it ruin their thrive and zest for learning.

So how is your curriculum working for you this year? Have you kept what you started out with? Kept part of it? Scrapped the whole thing?

I would love to hear from you!
Laura PraterLaura is an Army wife to a Soldier who has served the last 18.5 years active duty. They reside in WA for the time being with their 3 boys. Laura home schools all 3. They are very active in their church and community. You can find Laura blogging at www.raisingsoldiers4christ.com on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/pages/Raising-Soldiers-4-Christ/320756691285805, on Pinterest at www.pinterest.com/RS4Christ and on Twitter at www.twitter.com./RS4Christ.


  1. We haven’t just changed curriculum; we’ve completely changed our approach to homeschooling. No more arguing over grammar and spelling and trying to get all the kids to pay attention during unit studies. We’ve been unschooling since after Christmas (it’s been a long time coming), and though the change has been a little scary for me, it’s like a big weight has been lifted off our shoulders.

  2. So far we’ve enjoyed using the first curriculum we’ve tried. I’ve changed the grammar program that is suggested for 4th grade and following. There have been a few times that I’ve thought about changing our math, but we’ve slowed down and worked and learning the concept that was causing tears and then moving on again without so much drama. I love haw I can easily incorporate 1st, 3rd, and 4th grades together for history, science, etc.

  3. We have just gone through a curriculum change for math for our tween girl. The switch to Life of Fred Math has proven to be a welcome relief. Now, she chooses to have math as her first subject of the day instead of the dreaded last. I agree, if tears are involved, a new approach is in order.

  4. There was one year I scrapped everything and bought a total new program. We were all tired of the same-ol-same-ol and wanted something newer, better. After six months, we tossed it and went back to our old familiar resources. I don’t see it as a waste – it showed us that what we had been doing worked well for us,no matter what others were doing and saying. I think we needed that confirmation.
    Thanks for the encouragement, Laura. Sometimes a change is just what we need, and we shouldn’t be afraid to try.

  5. My husband was unemployed for 13 months, so at the start of the year, budget was a HUGE issue. I found a curriculum that was basically free (we paid a few interlibrary loan fees and bought one book that the program used for 6 years). By December, it was pretty clear that it wasn’t working. My daughter wasn’t particularly interested in anything we were reading, she trudged to school time every day, and I wasn’t enjoying it all that much either. Not to mention, it just took too much mental energy to figure out what we were doing each day, even with a planner. Finding out I was pregnant in August meant my energy has been at a premium. So I scrapped it and found something better. First, I looked for something that taught reading in a way that her auditory learning mind would benefit from. After finding that for free and making sure it was going to work, I added in all the other subjects. The best part? It was another free curriculum, so I’m still keeping our budget where it needs to be for our financial situation.

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