Making Literature Fun

Making Literature Fun!

As a child I struggled reading. I was never as fluent or finessed as the others in my class. I was embarrassed to read out loud. Later, it was determined that I had vision issues and possibly dyslexic. I still don’t have a love for reading but have come a long way from the scared and discouraged little girl that I was.

When I saw the same struggles creeping up on my oldest daughter I sprung into action I scoured the internet and asked lots of questions from homeschool veterans. Today I am sharing some of the ideas that I found then and use now.

Practice, Practice, Practice! The only way to get good at something is to put in the time and effort. Have your child practice reading out loud to a family pet. It takes the pressure off but still helps develop the skill.

Practice Reading to Gain Confidence

Make sure that their book choice isn’t above their reading level. Let them even go down a reading level until their confidence is boosted. Also make sure that the book is something that interests them.

Go over the larger or unfamiliar words before sending them off to read alone. If they can’t read the word they will most likely skip it and misunderstand the plot of the story.

My middle daughter has special reading time glasses that make her feel more confident. She came up with this idea after we made them as a craft.

Homemade Glasses to Build Confidence

Improve retention and comprehension by adding visual aids or manipulatives. We are reading some Halloween/Fall books currently in our home. I found some images from the books and printed them out. Then, I attached magnets to the back and let them re-enact the story. They also love to use them as puppets.

Visual Aids for Reading 541383_10100227699011612_560494442_n

Instead of book reports let them act out the story to see what they remember.

Let Children Act Out the Story to Improve Reading

My oldest is super interested in art. I let her draw her book report.


The moral of the story is to play to their strengths and interests, eliminate stress and anxiety, be patient and practice. It will come! They will catch on, and – who knows – maybe they will even develop a love for literature!

What do you do in your homeschool to make reading more fun?

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