Homeschool Summer Break Survival

Summer Survival Guide:

The dog days of summer are in full swing here in Louisiana!  We follow a traditional school year.  Simply put, we need the break and we love to enjoy summer freedom!  It would also be way too easy to fall into a rut of discontent, boredom, or lack of structure.  Instead, we’ve found ways to dodge that bullet!  I’m here to share those!

First, although we are out of our structured school days routine, our family functions so much better with SOME kind of routine.  So, our summer days go kind of like this…..

  • No set wake up time, but once we’re up everyone still gets ready for the day and grabs a bite to eat!
  • The house hasn’t gone away, so neither have chores!  We do try to get them done early so we can enjoy the day
  • Outside time is a MUST.  I don’t care if they’re catching bugs, riding 4wheelers, or playing in the dirt, that’s the best part of summer!
  • Downtime is so important too.  Our heat here is brutal, so thankfully they’re all for it by mid-day and I get the break I need!

Second comes summer projects….

  • The Garden is big at our house.  It’s enjoyable to tend to and always a good teaching tool in so many ways.  The kids learn how to grow, harvest, and the basics of food storage.  They also get a good dose of summer work!
  • Where we live berry picking might come in second.  Different kinds of berries here are only ripe and ready for a small window of time, so we try to stay on top of gathering them for jellies, freezing, etc.
  • I have some major summer projects in mind.  They haven’t happened yet.  I hope to tackle revamps of all kids’ rooms before we hit the books again.  Until then, I advise you to consult your favorite Pinterest board for better advise 🙂

Third is the summer fun…

  • Swimming
  • Fishing
  • 4Wheeler Rides
  • Jeep Riding
  • Sleepovers
  • BBQs
  • VBS
  • Visits to Grandma’s

Last but not least are the MEMORIES…

  • I don’t remember my best childhood day in front of a TV or Video Game, neither will they!  So get outside and PLAY!

Enjoy the Down Time:


Do you school year round?  If so, what is your family’s version of a Summer Survival Guide?  Do you have other suggestions?  We’d love to hear your memories as well!  Leave them in the comments below!


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