A Guide To Gifting the Homeschool





Ever thought of these concepts being mixed together?  I know that I look forward to the opportunity of gifting the Homeschool friend!  Whether the opportunity will arise from someone I’m close to beginning this new journey or perhaps a friend breaking way on a new school room for the family…I look forward to the opportunity to give!

May this guide serve to inspire you with ideas to give to the Homeschool family, friend, or family member!  I’m here to equip you with a wealth of inspiration and ideas!  Some of these are items I’ve found absolutely necessary in the schoolroom.  Others are things that I’d be very sad, and inconvenienced, to live without.  Even more, some of these items have been gifts given to us from Grandma, other family, or to our own family during Christmas!

I hope you will find a wide range of items, variety, and price here.

So without further ado…here is your Homeschool Gift Guide!

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Gifts For The School Room

Gifts For The Homeschool Student

  • Personalized pencil boxes
  • Educational Place Mats (money, telling time, presidents)
  • Science Kits (easily found at craft and toy stores)
  • Fun themed school supplies
  • Learning Buddies for encouragement (stuffed animals or figurines to stay at the desk)
  • Reward Charts
  • United States Puzzle
  • Books, books, and more books!!!!

Gifts For the Homeschool Teacher…..Usually Mom 🙂

  • My favorite….cute desk supplies!!!
  • Classical or relaxing music CD’s/Downloads
  • Gift cards to Field Trip friendly areas (Zoo, museums, ect)
  • Goody and reward box supplies
  • Pretty Planner
  • Devotionals
  • Invitaton to Lunch with YOU….student free!



So….have I gotten the inspiration flowing?  The ideas are endless.  At the end of the day, what will matter is the thought, the time, and the showing of love and support.  I for one know that’s what means the most to me.  While these items serve as a hands on, actual gift buying and giving guide, know that sometimes homemade and fun, thoughtful gifts are ever more special and will be remembered forever!

Good Luck and Happy Giving!


Jennifer Whitten FamilyJennifer is a first year homeschooling Mom of 3 elementary aged kids and step mom to one middle school girl.  She was born and raised in Wyoming but now enjoys country living in Louisiana with her husband and kids.  She is a lover of Jesus, family, gardening, canning, all things creative, and hog hunting with her husband.  Tea enthusiast and crochet addict, she can be found blogging about all things family, devotional, health, and homeschool atStop, Pray, Listen.  A volunteer peer counselor at a Pro-Life Crises Pregnancy Center, her other passion is sharing the gospel with women in need.  Far from perfect, but in love with this grace filled life with kids, Jennifer makes it her mission to Stop, Pray, Listen, and Obey.


  1. Great ideas, Jennifer! I agree that gifting and homeschooling go together well. It’s great when we can get grandparents involved, too. When my boys were younger, I would compile a supply list which would include all sorts of stuff like brown paper bags and empty egg cartons that grandparents could pass along for us to use. I would also get together lists of things that we could borrow from them – like a cow bell, or a large hunk of leather… It allowed the grandparents to get involved with our homeschooling and it helped out this busy homeschool-mom-on-a-budget as well!

  2. Great ideas! I would also add copy paper and laminating sheets! (Can you tell what I need?! 😉 )

  3. Those are all great ideas!

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