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Homeschool Moms Giveaways & Freebies Linky Party – Week 9

Welcome to Week 9 of the Giveaways & Freebies Linky party!  We’ve been having so much fun these last few weeks with some amazing giveaways!  Thank you to all of the sponsors so far!

This Week’s Giveaway is sponsored by Grapevine Studies

Grapevine Studies - Resurrection

{This post uses affiliate links.} Before we get to the giveaway, I want to tell you a little bit about our experience with Grapevine Studies!  If you’ve not heard of them yet , you will want to take notice!  They have many different Bible time periods to choose from for all ages, to assist you in teaching your child from the Word of God. We love how simple using the Grapevine Studies resources has made studying the Bible.  My kids love getting the chance to draw out in stick figures, what they’re learning, which just, in turns helps it stick in their minds better. They carry Old Testament, New Testament, Biblical Feasts, The Birth of Jesus, Esther, Joseph, Ruth, Ressurection AND MORE!  It’s not ONLY for homeschoolers!   You can use it in Sunday School Classes, Children’s Bible Studies and More!

How Is Grapevine Studies Different than Other Studies?

Stick Figuring Through the Bible - Grapevine Studies

Most of us know that when you draw something that you’re learning about, it helps it to solidify in your brain, right?  That’s what’s different about Grapevine Studies!  They use stick figures to tell the story.  Better yet, they have your student draw these stick figures, helping them to remember every aspect of the story, giving them the ability to retell it, any time that they please.  It’s really cool!  Even my 5 year old daughter, who I wasn’t planning on including in this study was able to draw along.  She was napping while I was working on taking the photographs for this review, but when she joins us again, she’ll be soooo excited to see that they have traceable pages for each lesson as well.  (I’m excited about that, too…as the first time we did a Grapevine Studies Lesson, we did not have the traceables and it took FOREVER for her to complete a picture.  She was adorable though, as she kept plugging along.)

How We Use Grapevine Studies

How We Use Grapevine Studies


(To start, you must try to distract the busy 2 year old from stealing your papers!  Ha! ) 

Before You Start:  I start by looking over the Teacher’s Guide to familiarize myself with what I’ll be doing.  This only takes a few minutes.  Then, I print the first lesson I want to do with the children from the Student’s Guide.

Day 1:  Each lesson begins with a Timeline Overview.  We briefly discuss the big picture of what we’re going to be reading and quickly draw each individual scene out onto the timeline using our stick figures.  The Teacher’s manual gives you examples of how to draw them, making it easier to tell the different people you’re drawing.  This activity could take about 30 minutes and is recommended to do all by itself on the first day.

Day 2:  Begin Lesson 1 and begin reading directly from the Bible.  When you get to a certain point, you stop and draw what you just read.  You also discuss the harder words that are being read within the Bible.  For us, during the Resurrection study, we discussed what words like Passover, betray, servant, master, blessed, New Covenant, etc., all meant by looking them up in a Bible Dictionary.

Day 3:  Do the 2nd part of that lesson, doing the same thing as the day before.

Day 4:   The end of Lesson One.  At the end of that lesson, each child draws their favorite part of what they learned that week and they say & write out their memory verse for the day.

The Next Week:  You move on to Lesson 2 and repeat the above each week until you’re finished with your study.

Why Our Family Loves Grapevine Studies

Grapevine Studies Stick Figures

  • Clear Lesson Plans, telling you exactly what to do or draw.
  • It’s not time consuming.
  • The kids are excited to do it!
  • You can teach it to multiple ages.
  • You can do it as fast or as slow as you want to, ie. at your own pace!
  • Drawing helps solidify what they’re learning!
  • They are confident, because almost anyone can draw a stick figure.
  • It really helps to solidify these important Bible stories into my children’s heads, helping them to remember them for years to come!
  • You can even get Traceable pages so that the younger kids can join in and not be too time consuming!

What the Kids Think

Grapevine Studies Stick Figures

We had done our last Grapevine Study lesson on the Birth of Jesus.  When I let them know that we were going to be doing The Resurrection this time, they were excited!  They loved the birth of Jesus study so much that they were chomping at the bit to do another one.  They have a blast with it! I’ve been putting them off because I’m about to have a baby and I don’t like to start new things when I’m so close to being due (Due on Saturday, March 15th!) then I realized how soon Easter is coming.  Resurrection Sunday is on April 20th, 2014.  We have just over a month to get this study done!  If we happen to go over, it’s OK, as they’ll be learning all the while.  While at church today, I realized another cool aspect of teaching with this method.  It’s going right along with what we’re learning in church!  If the kids are paying attention, they’ll draw lots of parallels!

FREE Download

Would you like to give it a try for yourself?  You can download a portion of The Resurrection study and many other of the Grapevine studies as well.  Just go to this page:  Sample Lessons

Buy The Resurrection Study for 20% Off!

If you’re interested in purchasing your very own Resurrection Study, you can get it for 20% off this month!  Just go to Grapevine Studies and follow the instructions on their site.

Enter for a Chance to Win!

Winner will be chosen on Sunday evening, so you’ll still have time to get your book downloaded and started before Easter is over!  If you’d like the chance to win this study, enter in Rafflecopter below.  (If the box is not showing up, you may have to click on the link.)  They are giving away one Multi Level Resurrection Study and One Teacher’s Manual.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Other Giveaways & Freebies:

It’s time to link up!  If you’re a blogger linking up, I only ask that you link back to me, if possible.  I can’t wait to see your giveaways and freebies! (If you’re reading this in an email, be sure to click to the site to see more giveaways. More could be added all week!)  


  1. Joseph!
    For some reason I’m not seeing the free sample when I click on the resurrection study

  2. I would love to start with their Old Testament studies for my kids. We did the Birth of Jesus during Advent and they just loved it.

  3. I’d love to use the Ruth or Esther Studies. This sounds like a fun program.

  4. Danielle says:

    I would love to do the Birth of Jesus study over Advent time!

  5. Marci Wright says:

    I think Birth of Jesus or Acts to Revelation. But the Bible Geography course looks really interesting as well!

  6. I think we would try the one about Jesus’ Ministry.

  7. I’d like to try a catechism study.

  8. Judith Martinez says:

    I’d love to do the Biblical feasts.

  9. I would continue the Old Testament series by Grapevine. We started it about a month ago, and the kids love it!

  10. I would like to do the Ruth study.

  11. I would like to study Esther with my kids. They have shown a lot of interest in this story, and if our new baby is a girl Esther will be her name.

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