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My boys love building forts! They will go outside and spend hours putting forts together. They have to find just the right spot, spend hours putting it together only to then take it down, move to another spot in the yard and start all over. whew! Once they are finally established they act like secret spy agents and try to get to each other’s forts. It is really a lot of fun watching their imaginations take off! Even though ALL of my sheets and heavy containers seem to disappear, and no one knows where they went.  Hmmm….  Okay. Who am I to discourage creative thinking and logistics?

Our DIY Fort Kit

In an effort to save my household products, I decided to make them their very own Fort Kits in a special, personalized bag. Each one of them have their own bag with their initials on it complete with all the things a kid needs to build his very own, personal fort and even watch out for intruders. I found some old bed sheets that we don’t use anymore and also picked up 1 or 2 from Goodwill. I then went to the Dollar Tree and purchased flash lights, bungee cords to strap down the sheets, some spy kits they had at the time (you can’t complete a secret mission without cool gadgets) and magnifying glasses. I also added in some binoculars and walkie-talkies I found at the toy store. For these items, I did spend a little more money just so they would (hopefully) last longer. My boys are pretty rough on things and I wanted them to have items that actually worked! Toys R Us was having a sale on their science stuff around Christmas so I was able to get some night-time goggles and some pretty cool binoculars that have flash lights on them, for a great price. And of course, the final touch was adding a foam sword or plastic gun.

Once I had all of my stuff purchased, I went looking for some sturdy material that would hold all of this and could take a beating. I found some thick fleece scraps that were in my sewing scrap box and luckily, I had just enough to make 4 bags! I had two colors so I rotated the colors between the bag and the initials. I went to my mom and she helped me put these together (she did most of the work, while I watched!)

Here are some step-by-step photos:



After we finished the bags, I gathered the materials for each one and stuffed them. I gave them to the boys for Christmas and they loved them! Mission accomplished :). I no longer have household items go missing, yeah for me! I hope you have enjoyed this post and if you choose to make your own fort kit, send me some pictures and I will post them up here! Thanks for reading!

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A great place to buy a fort kit is Fort Magic. (not an affiliate link) They have some really cool stuff!



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