Staying On My Wall: Embracing Convictions During Job Loss

castle wall

“So, why don’t you get a job?”

When your husband loses his job, you start hearing that a lot.

My family became one of the many families facing unemployment when my husband failed to qualify with his new firearm for his federal security job. He had worked at that job for over 10 years and had had no problem proving his proficiency previous. This new firearm, however, had become his Achilles’ heel.

price family

Following his dismissal came almost two years of temp jobs, and “You’re over-qualified” or “You’re under-qualified.”

And I began hearing, “So, why don’t you get a job?”

It was tempting to get snarky and answer, “What makes you think I could get a job when my husband can’t, especially since I’ve been out of the workforce for over 8 years?”

With God’s grace, I stayed on my wall.

With God’s grace, I did not get snarky. Also with God’s grace, I stayed on my wall.

You see, a friend taught me a big lesson from Nehemiah.

Nehemiah had been the cupbearer for the king of Persia. After hearing about the wall of Jerusalem being broken down, God moved Nehemiah back to Jerusalem to rebuild the wall. God even moved the king to provide his blessing and permission to Nehemiah.

Walls were very important for cities. Walls were the major defense against outside attack. A broken wall allowed easy access for attackers and wild animal scavengers. Secure walls allowed the city to grow and prosper within.

Not everyone wanted Nehemiah to accomplish his goal. Sanballat, Tobiah, and Geshem the Arab kept trying to cause trouble. In an attempt to stop the work and harm Nehemiah, Sanballat and Geshem sent a letter to Nehemiah asking to have a meeting with him. Nehemiah was no fool. He knew what he was called to do. His response to those who were trying to distract him was, “I am doing a great work and I cannot come down. Why should the work stop while I leave it and come down to you?” (Nehemiah 6:3).

Now the fact is most who mentioned to me about getting a job outside the home did not mean to cause trouble or to harm me. They just did not realize that having a job would stop and take me away from the “great work” I am doing. By being a stay-at-home, home educating mom, I am defending my family from humanistic attacks and worldly scavengers. By staying here on my wall, I allow my family to grow and flourish. I am providing the security and stability of a wall to my family and husband when finances and unemployment are insecure and unstable.

We chose to keep me on the wall during my husband’s unemployment.

I do not know what God has for your family. If you and your husband think you should try to find a job during a time of financial crisis then go for it. Trust and submit to God and your husband in this matter.

If on the other hand you feel strongly in your conviction to stay on your wall, do it. Trust the God who has called you to the “great work” of home and homeschooling to work through you in spite of the challenging circumstances. Remember, “…man looks on the outward appearance, but the Lord looks on the heart” (I Samuel 6:7). Others may see the predicament your family is dealing with, but usually do not notice the “great work” God is doing in your family and you through your commitment.

Give me a wave from your wall, and I give you a shout out from mine. Do you need any extra bricks?


mrs priceBetsy Price has been married to her husband Mike for almost 25 years. She has her Bachelor’s degree in education and has taught in the classroom. After many years of infertility, God blessed Mike and Betsy with a beautiful daughter through adoption. Betsy now spends her time serving God and her family through homemaking and home educating. Visit her blog where she shares about homeschooling, homemaking, mothering, wife-ing, and anything else she finds interesting.

Broke Down Homeschool: When a Car Dies

The day my car died, I mourned.  I mourned the loss of frantically finding shoes five minutes before leaving for soccer practice.  I mourned a messy backseat filled with co-op art projects and brochures from museums.  I mourned needing extra clothes the one day I forgot to bring some along. When my car lived it drove us to what we called life.  Between co-ops, field trips, sports, and activities, our schedule and list of appointments rivaled that of any member of the royal family.  The day the car died our world shrunk to the size of our property lines.

vintage cars abandoned and rusting away in rural wyoming

I Didn’t Want to Be the One That Had to Be Picked Up

The days still boasted of co-op meetings, soccer practice, and play days.  Even the museums retained their normal hours during my homeschool’s house arrest.  The only difference now was we no longer showed up.  The world didn’t care about the impact on my hurting heart as it continued to spin. Due to our family size, no one had a vehicle large enough to accommodate their family and my own.  My husband’s fluctuating work hours left us unable to make plans.  I no longer had the luxury of forgetting a grocery item at the store much less sign my kids up for activities.  Describing entangled feelings of frustration, sadness, loneliness, and failing, proved impossible.  Friends would offer to take me to the store, take my one of my kids to a play date, or pick us up to come to their home for a birthday party.  A few even offered to meet me at the park within walking distance from my home.  I felt blessed.  I also felt like a big huge burden.  Sadness and jealously of friends making plans and signing their kids up for sports invaded my heart.  Ashamed of my feelings and my lack of transportation, I retreated to a smaller world; the cold hard floor between a rock and hard place.  I no longer wanted “help”.  I didn’t want to be the one that had to be picked up or couldn’t go because “she doesn’t have a car.”  I hated the inability to make plans because of my husband’s unpredictable work schedule on top of an hour commute. Demoted to waiting for the keys, I lost control over my life.

When energy runs out and you need a rest stop you can always count on Jesus.

My spiritual walk led me to a fork in the road.  I could either veer toward pride, sadness, and ingratitude or I could veer toward resting in Christ and trusting in God’s provision.  I stood staring at the choices teetering back and forth until the roads diverged and keeping one foot in each was no longer possible.  I lacked the energy to be “spiritual” about this and take the high road.  I lacked the energy to feed pride and frustration.  When energy runs out and you need a rest stop you can always count on Jesus.  Resting in Christ, I learned taking the road toward peace would not zap my energy but renew it.  Seeing my life from eternal perspective I saw the blessing in not having a car.  I learned that busyness did not mean productive.  My kids didn’t need activities, co-ops, and museums, they needed family and moreover Christ.  We needed the time to enjoy quiet afternoons in the backyard digging up worms, swinging, and having lunch time picnics.  My pride needed to take a hike while I got a ride with a friend.  Our house arrest turned into a hiatus.

After three and half years, God bought us a car we could afford.  Excited to put horsepower to my steps again I created another busy schedule.  When curtains block out the light we tend to forget the perspective the sun reveals.  Squinting through a trial’s end the gratitude is fresh yet once our eyes are open we forget what the darkness hides.  Catching a glimpse of that cold hard floor as I ran to sign up my kids for every activity my city had to offer, I paused. I swore not to forget the lesson I learned in the dark now that the sun shined.  We live a simpler life choosing our activities more thoughtfully.  I honor the blessing of a car by picking up a friend in need.

I know you feel lonely.  I know you feel like you are failing your children.  But listen, I know the victory that awaits you on the other side. Honor the blessing of cultivating family with this time on hiatus.  Explore your backyard, play board games in the afternoon, challenge your kids to a cook off, solidify family devotions, live real life in your hearts while the world waits for you.


Under the Golden Apple Tree
Richele is a history-loving, homeschooling mom to four children.  Her homeschooling journey began 10 years ago and, since then, she has taught everything from tying shoelaces to physics.  Because her background in Educational Psychology did not cover removing Play Doh from the carpet or balancing a laundry basket on her head while teaching Biology, she considers herself learning on the job.  You can find her blogging at Under the Golden Apple Tree and Moms of Dyslexics.

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Homeschooling Through Job Loss



Homeschooling during a job loss has been quite a challenge this year, yet in so many ways it has also been a blessing. It definitely has taught our family some real life learning. We learned things that no textbook could teach.

My husband was without a job for six months, yet through it all we were continually provided for. We had difficult decisions to make, stressful days, and a roller coaster of emotions. Yet, God was there the entire time.

We did our best to point the children to the Lord each day. We showed our weaknesses and how mommy needed to bring it to the Cross when worry took over. They saw us pray. They prayed. We all came together as family knowing that God had brought this upon us because something bigger must be on the horizon.

Some days were really difficult to homeschool. I was sad. Depressed even. I didn’t feel like teaching. Yet, isn’t that what I tell my kids everyday? “Even if we don’t feel like it, we still have to do things.” 🙂 How funny when the tables turn!

Here I am the mama who writes about simplifying. The mama who writes about homeschooling. The mama who writes and speaks about using real life lessons to teach.

“The best lessons are never from the lesson planner…” I always say. Oh, was that really me? Oh, how God makes me laugh! Now all of a sudden, we are in the midst of some heavy duty real life learning, and I just wanted to stay under my covers some mornings.

The Lord taught us so much during a difficult time. Yet isn’t that the purpose of a difficult time? To learn from it? Just as we teach our children, the Lord teaches us. He wanted to strip away the idols of worry, lack of trust, or whatever else I was holding on to. The only way to do that was to immerse me in the very thing that I was scared of. The Lord was immersing me in a situation to bring me out of it refined and new.
We learned to trust and learned first hand His provision. We learned to decipher between needs vs. wants. We learned most of all that God’s people are beautiful and when His love is in action, there is nothing like it. I can’t tell you how many things happened that were just amazing, such as the day we went grocery shopping and we spent a certain amount of money. When we came home, even though it was a holiday and there was no mail delivery, I went to the mailbox. I knew there was no mail delivery, but was compelled to check it. When I did, there was a grocery store gift card for the amount we had spent, with an anonymous note. One other time a very large sum of money was sent to us via certified mail with no note except John 13:34-35 typed out. It came when I had been at my lowest. I needed more than the money that day, but the encouragement. God’s people showing HIS love. Truly indescribable.

During this time we were studying Genesis in our homeschool. Every single lesson we learned seemed to parallel what was going on in our life. It was like God knew exactly the lessons we would need, and He prepared them in advance for us. Daily we would read our passages and the children would shout, “It’s like us!” Unbelievable. When we came to the end of Genesis and we had learned about Joseph, Genesis 50:20 was so important to us! We knew He was going to accomplish something great through this situation.


Genesis 50:20


Most of all my kids saw all of these lessons. “God will provide” became their daily mantra. We waited for the day when we would shout, “Hallelujah! Daddy got a job!” Eventually the Lord provided for my husband to begin his own business. Nothing short of God’s ultimate care.

So homeschooling through a difficult time is not easy, but is worth it. He teaches. I always say He is the Master Teacher. Not me. He is teaching my kids. He taught our family so much this year, that had we never opened one book, we learned more important lessons than anything. My children will grow up having seen the skills to cope in difficult situations, and not because I did it well, but because we pointed to Him through it all. Hopefully when life hands them a rough spot someday, they will remember where to look- to Him.

Losing a job was a blessing. I have my priorities straight again. I have my eyes opened to the ONLY thing I NEED. I have contentment and joy that comes only from eternal hope in Jesus.

Homeschooling during such a time was certainly not easy, but one that I am grateful for. Life isn’t always easy, but with the Lord teaching us, we can’t go wrong.


Karen DeBeusKaren DeBeus is a homeschooling mom learning to live more simply and keep God at the center of it all. She is the author of two best selling eBooks, Simply Homeschool: Having Less Clutter and More Joy in Your Homeschool, and Called Home: Finding Joy in Letting God Lead Your Homeschool. Visit her over at Simply Living for Him and Bible Based Homeschooling {on a budget.}