Beginning Homeschooling with Little Money or Support

Hi.  My name is Amanda and I would like to share my homeschool story with you. It is just beginning, as my oldest is turning four this year.  It’s been interesting so far.

CJ - Beginning Homeschooling

My Family Disowned Me

To start, my family disowned me when they found out I was pregnant with CJ, mostly because my now husband was the father. From the very start of my life as a parent I have had little to no support. Thank God my mother-in-law took up the slack and gave me the support I needed through those first nine months. She even organized a baby shower for me and got my mother and sister to show which meant the world to me. She is one of my main role models of mother hood.

We Lived in a Hotel Room

Shortly after the birth of CJ, my husband and I needed to move for work. At this time, things are better with my mother and I choose to move her way with CJ first to find work, while my husband finished school. During this time, my mother found another man and left me and my son at her now ex boyfriends house with no money, car or option. My husband had to drop out of college to move up to where we were early and get us out. For two weeks, we lived in a hotel room with a one year old while I worked 14 hour shifts at a veterinary clinic to save for a deposit on a house. I’m not complaining, God blessed us with that job at just the right time, and the hotel cut us a break by charging us for 1 person instead of 3.

We Became Active in Church

We did find housing we could afford, and had started attending a church that stretched its finances to turn on our utilities. What we later found out was our house was located in the biggest known drug neighbor hood in Texas. God blessed us again by having our beloved dog, Daisy Grace, walk into our house. Because of her, three robbers never made it to our door, and probably countless others. It was during this time, that God put it my heart that I needed to homeschool my children. When I first brought it up to my husband, he asked me the usual questions of how we were going to afford this, continuing life on one income. I showed him the information that i had gathered about the benefits of home education, but what sold him was how much we had already saved with him staying home while i worked. It was amazing to him how much we would be spending if we had a second car, insurance and gas for a second car, day care, etc. in order for us to be a two income family again. No matter how we looked at it, we would always be a one income family from then on out.

This was also part of our big push to be more self sufficient. Saving as much money as possible to move to a better neighbor hood was priority number one. Tragically, our move came about because my step mother died and my father wanted me and his grandchildren closer.  So in my third trimester, with my second pregnancy we moved across country to our farm.

God blessed my husband with work within the first month of moving, our daughter was born, and CJ was old enough to start preschool work. We couldn’t afford a curriculum, so I made do with dollar store flash cards and work books. By my daughter’s first birthday, CJ knows all his colors and shapes, he does age appropriate chores and is starting to show more interest in reading. All of that was God’s doing.  He kept my family together.  He placed us in amazing circumstances and brought us through them, and He gave my children a desire to learn that I had never seen.

When I think all is lost because we can’t afford luxuries like internet and curriculum, He provides the answer and resources.

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