Using Answers in Genesis, Book for Kids in our Homeschool

Every morning after breakfast, we start our Bible study. This is a fantastic way for anyone to start their day. For me, it helps me refocus and appreciate my life, even on the hard days (you know……when all 4 kids have lost it and all you can do is wonder how far away bedtime is…oh….it’s only 8 a.m…this is going to be a LONG day!).

We use several Bible books throughout our day, but one of my favorites is, “Answers in Genesis, Book for Kids”. Have you heard of this series? Let me tell you, it’s fantastic!
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There are 6 volumes available. The most appealing aspect of these books is that they cover questions actually asked by children. And many of the questions are ones my kids have asked me and I was a little stumped on how to answer! So I’ve been very thankful for this set when I can read the questions to the kids and give them an answer they can understand and learn from.

Here’s what the 6 books cover:

Volume 1-Creation and The Fall
Volume 2-Dinosaurs and Flood
Volume 3-God and the Bible
Volume 4-Sin, Salvation and Christian Life
Volume 5-Space and Astronomy
Volume 6-Babel and Ice Age

There’s a very good range of topics covered in these books. We cover one question a day. After I’ve read the question and answer, we discuss it a little further and the kids ask questions about what they just learned.

The questions and answers are simple, but very informative in a way that children can understand it. We love this set! This would be great for homeschooling, church classes, or even families looking for something biblical for their kids!

Tips From A (Self-Proclaimed) “Curriculum Junkie”

Tips from a Self Proclaimed Curriculum Junkie


The season for shopping for new curriculum is fast approaching. For a curriculum junkie like myself, that can be both exciting and overwhelming. I have purchased everything under the sun in hopes of finding exactly what I’m looking for. But guess what? Even I, myself have no clue what exactly that is. So, before you begin your search for a curriculum that fits your needs, I hope you’ll follow my advice.

1). Make a list of your goals for the upcoming school year. If you have an outline of what you hope to accomplish, you’ll have a better chance of narrowing down your items of choice.

2). Describe the method you’d like to use. Do you like literature based? Are you strictly workbook based? Do you like the idea of doing unit studies or notebooking? This will certainly help narrow your curriculum choices down.

3). Do you plan on purchasing a complete boxed set or does the idea of purchasing books of your choice and compiling them to create a curriculum catered to your teaching approach sound more appealing? This is where I struggle every single time. I love a “grab and go” complete boxed set. With 4 kids ages 6 and under, it is so appealing to me to just open an instructors manual and follow the directions. Unfortunately, I have yet to purchase a complete set that fits my style. This has become a very expensive habit. We have so much curriculum sitting in our shelves and not being used because, well, I haven’t found exactly what I’m looking for. Whatever “that” is.

4). Another important thing to keep in mind is what learning style your homeschool child has, and remember, not every child will learn the same! What works perfect for one child may not appeal to another. So, it’s important to be open-minded.

5). What budget do you have set aside for homeschool curriculum and supplies? That will narrow your choice down greatly and remember, some of the best curriculum is free! Library visits, field trips, nature walks; these can be one of the best parts of your homeschool plan!

6). Do you like the idea of a digital program (software, iBooks, etc) or is print-based a better fit? This is another topic I struggle with. I love the idea of my kids taking books (iBook/kindle form) wherever we go and not losing a paper book in the process of getting from point A to point B. I love the idea of pages not getting ripped, book covers written on, not needing storage space for yet another item, etc. But I also love the idea of them using a paper book, feeling the pages, reading a book and not using technology for everything.

7). Used or new? Do you like to be frugal and purchase used items or even borrow them? Or do you veer more in the direction of purchasing new?

I lean towards boxed curriculum, but my husband (who is referred to as “The New Farmer” on my blog) loves to piece our curriculum together using books and supplies he feels are important to use. We grab several books in all subject areas and create curriculum that works best for our kids.

Over the next several months (especially this summer) you’ll find an abundance of wonderful blogs showing their curriculum choices for the new year. I absolutely love reading about everyone’s choices! We’ll hopefully have ours narrowed and picked soon and will certainly post about our choices on my blog!

Best wishes and blessings to you and your family as you start planning for the new year!


Tammy CarrollTammy is the owner of The New Farmer’s Wife blog.  She and her husband recently decided to give farming a try and she’s blogging all about their adventures.  Take a moment to stop on by!

Thankful Turkeys – an Easy Craft for Thanksgiving



I love having monthly themed craft projects for my kids. Last year, I started the “Thankful Turkey” and once November arrived this year, I was more than excited to start our well-loved craft project again!

I used my Cricut cutter and cut out 3 turkeys (1 for each child that’s old enough to participate). I have a stash of colored printing paper in my school supply closet so I grabbed yellow, green, red, orange, blue and purple. Just cut strips from each color and that becomes feathers for the turkey.

We start our lesson each morning by going around the table and listing a few things we are thankful for and why we feel thankful for them.  Once they each hear what the other has to say, it can become quite the event! “Oh wait! I’m thankful for that too!” or “Well…can I change mine? I forgot about that!” So I quickly remind them we have 28 days, and 28 feathers to fill.

After each child decides what they want to be thankful for that day, I write a one word description on their feather. “Family”, “Friends”, “Home”, etc.  They then glue the feather onto the back of their turkey (so you can see the wording on the front) and anxiously wait for our event the next day.

I date each child’s turkey and once Thanksgiving has come and gone, we put it in our art folder. It is so fun to look over these every year! When my first son started doing this as a little toddler, he was thankful for “Milk”, “Car”, “Mama”, “Dada”, “Ball”, etc….and now he REALLY knows what it means to be thankful and has listed things such as “God”, “Love”, “Faith”, “Health”. I love seeing how each child progresses through the yearly craft project!

This is not only a fun project for the kids, but it is a daily reminder to them that we have so much to be thankful for!

Blessings and warmth to you and your family!


Tammy CarrollTammy is the owner of The New Farmer’s Wife blog.  She and her husband recently decided to give farming a try and she’s blogging all about their adventures.  Take a moment to stop on by!