Do It Because It’s Right For Your Family!

Sometimes It's OK to Just Be


Now that summer is in full swing what do you usually do?

Are you taking summer off?

I remember summer vacation when I was a kid. Long hot days that I could basically do whatever I wanted with. The feeling of freedom. Oh to be a kid again.

Or do you begin your new school year during the summer? It might be scorching where you live. They are going to be inside most of the time anyway so why not? Beats getting bored and having sibling rivalry of some sort doesn’t it?

Whatever you choose, you do it because that is what is right for your family.

YOUR FAMILY, not anyone else’s.

I know it’s hard to remember that sometimes.

Maybe you wonder if it’s enough.

Yep, you’ve been reading too many homeschooling magazines haven’t you?

Or looking at everyone else’s awesome pics of school rooms on pinterest. Or?Or?

Just stop!!!

Take a breath. Are your kids smiling? Do they look content and happy? Are you? That’s good, right?

But if the answer is no, try to remember what I was talking about at the beginning of this post.

Try to remember how you felt.

You want your kids to have that, too? It’s ok to just be sometimes. If they need a break take it. Don’t be a slave to your teacher’s manual. Don’t feel like you have to do every page, every lesson. Skip around if you need to. Make it enjoyable. Soon you will see it come alive again. And if it takes a little longer so be it.

Just go with it. They’re worth it.


Lara VolkoffLara V. is a wife and mother to two sweet blessings whom she homeschools. She writes about her faith, her family, motherhood and her homeschooling journey on her blog at Learning Through My Eyes and can also be found on Facebook encouraging homeschooling moms of challenging children.


It’s OK to Change Your Homeschool Curriculum


It's OK to Change Your Homeschool Curriculum

Well, you”ve made it to halfway through the school year.

How do you feel?


Need a break?

Are you satsified with your curriculum choice? Its ok if you’re not. Sometimes we get excited and feel we have to get the latest and greatest versions, do everything the manual says, go on every field trip etc. But to me that’s not homeschooling. If you’re feeling too rushed and the kids are getting burned out and overwhelmed, then maybe you should analyze your schedule and take a step back. We as parents have a responsibility to raise our children, teach them and nurture them. We feel pressured to do the very best far and beyond what we may be capable of and be subject to burnout.

This happened to me. Last year was rough. We were having a difficult time finacially, my husband had a bad bout of sciatica and then when everything seemed to calm down and we were getting back on our feet we got a letter in the mail. Our landlords wanted to sell the house we were liviing in for 7 years and wanted us to move. They only gave us 2 months. 2 months to pack up 7 years of stuff and try to find another place to live. We were devastated. It was the first house we ever lived in.  We were in turmoil. How could I possibly homeschool too? How could I follow the curriculum, househunt and pack? Well, I didnt.

We took a break. I was so stressed. The kids were stressed and I can’t imagine what my husband was going through. Children are learning all the time whether you have a curriculum or not. It’s their nature. They are naturally curious. If your kids are like mine, they love to ask questions. Sometimes that could lead to a trip to the library to look at books about what interests them, going online, there are so many possibilities. Even some television shows are educational and can maybe even give you a break while they are watching it. SCORE!!! Unit studies are also another avenue to use and also lapbooks.  It’s almost endless.

Just find what works for your family. It also helps if you find out what learning style your children are and go from there. For instance my son doesnt sit still for long periods of time so having an actual curriculum with alot of bookwork and seat work wouldn’t be a good fit for him. My daughter could sit longer but she will drift off into never-neverland if she gets bored. A curriculum with a lot of reading where she can’t be creative, wouldn’t be a good fit for her. Find what fits your child and your lifstyle. You want them to love learning.  

Fast forward 6 months: we are in our new home and getting back into our groove. I decided to ditch the curriculum we were using and do something else. Unschooling fits our lifestyle. And guess what? The kids are fine. We survived not using a boxed curriculum. And I’m a much better mother and teacher for it.