24 hours in Jonesville: Chaos Can Have Calm

This post was written by Venus of Mommy Bear Blog. She  has the desire to impart to all homeschooling moms that even though life is chaotic, it will all still be OK. After all, she’s living proof!  You see, she knows all about chaos as she is raising many special needs children!  
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This blog will be long, but I am hoping that it will help a mom be encouraged that chaos can have calm!

A typical day in Jonesville.

I am taking you back a few months ago. This will be a single, stressed out day here in our lives that we all lived through and can tell about.  Now that’s something to be thankful for!

We will start with that Monday, April 14, 2014. We were all (by all I mean, 8 kids, 2 adults) getting up and getting ready for a day on the road to meet with our oldest daughter. She was interviewing a potential school for the fall and needed a doctor checkup. So being the awesome family that we are, we loaded up and headed out to cheer her on.  I got up at my usual 6 AM time for coffee and a shower.  I got the “bonus babe” up and all the littles to dress them.  Then, my husband and teens get up.  (Something is wrong with this picture, right moms???)

We were on the road by 8am. We had just dropped the “bonus babe” off at the local school. Our oldest son was staying home because he had to be at work by 11am. This was his 18th birthday, but his present would come two days late in the form  of airline tickets to see his best friend in Wyoming.

It was a cold morning. Warnings of flurries were up. They should have been a watch!  We get about 30 miles in on this adventure and the snow and dirt are blowing!  Visibility is only about a mile!  We press through and make it in time for the first appointment.

We get to the beauty college and my dear daughter is all excited!  She was dressed with makeup and ON TIME!!! For this child, THAT IS AMAZING!  She has NEVER been my morning child and she too had to drive in some flurries. 🙁

We tour the facility and she is beaming!  She runs out to tell dad that this is what she wants to do! We look over the list to see what we can help with and discuss financial options.  She is overflowing with excitement for this newest part of her adventure!

Next, I make contact with my sister -in-law since we are in her neck of the woods. They were just finishing up a doctors appointment with my niece and nephew. We decide to meet at a local restaurant and have lunch. Until she is finished, we will run to Target for some water, since mom forgot! 🙁  While there, I change my mind on restaurant and let my sister-in-law know.

At this point I have: the unloading of everyone and announcement of needing to potty, 6 little kids melting down because mom won’t answer them “what’s for lunch?”, a husband wondering why we are killing time in a place that is never easy on his checkbook, a 15 year old son just wanting to get to chat with his sister without interruptions and a daughter looking for new foundation. Did I mention I also sell Mary Kay and had just placed an order??? Why did she not tell me??? Gotta love that girl!

We survive Target and make it to McAlester’s for lunch. We get there and they have no potatoes, which happens to be the only thing my daughter eats off their choices! AHHHHH  I finally get her to try a chicken sandwich.  She refused to eat it because it was frozen, not fresh and tasted rubbery!  That girl!  The rest of us eat our lunch!  Baby A had an issue with little cousin A stealing her fruit.  She about lost it with the baby!  She kept telling her, “no baby! that is mine!”.  Adorable, yet a teaching moment for mom!  Mom needs to work on my “baby” learning to share more!

We made it through lunch and decided to head to the mall play place.  It was quiet and only about three children until my crew walks in! 😀  Yes, the lady with 6 small children and 2 older ones.  Then my sister-in-law came in to join us.  YES, we ROCKED that place! 🙂   The kids played for about 45 minutes.  Of course we had a blow out with little A.  Big A brought her to me and said, “mom, I think A is going peepee?”.  I ask her why she thinks that and she just turns little A around.  YEP, it was clear that she had peed!  Her britches were wet and getting more wet as we observed.  So being the awesome mom I am, I walk her to the end of the food court with urine approaching her knees to change her.  In the bath room, I contemplate…Do I just throw her pants away or take them home to wash??? In a ziploc bag they went.  Now we are walking back to the play land with all eyes on my diaper clad, half naked child as she LOUDLY proclaims the names of most everything we pass in a flash.  Yes, I did let her rejoin her siblings for the remaining time at the play area.

Now we are off to sister’s doctor’s appointment.  I take her in and my awesome husband is on baby duty.  Him, 6 littles and a teenager in the van for almost 2 hours.  Every mom out there is on the edge of their seat wanting to know if my children were still alive at the end of this appointment??? The answer is, YES.  He made our 20″ TV able to hold the Ipad so they could watch Planes for the first time.  It worked great!  He also got a call to do a check on that location for a jack or something. My husband is a communications manager for a larger university in Texas.

So my sweet teen was on baby duty now!   All this while we get a call from the school that our “bonus babe” was not picked up timely and that her teacher had her out front ready for the friend to pick her up.  Finally, we see our daughter’s doctor and then we are given a new medicine and on our way!

Now we are off to Walmart for her meds, potty breaks, a snack for everyone and drinks.  That was an adventure!! Of course I could not decide what I wanted for everyone to eat and just impulse shopped.  Walmart, low blood sugar, busy like it was gonna close or something, tired and hungry kids…..Not a good mix!  We got out items, lost the husband and kids, got her medicine, finally checked out and was back to the loading dock to get ready for hugs and goodbyes!   Hugs and goodbyes were done. Now time to set up kids with a “snack” at dinner time.  Got them set up and ready for the 3 hour drive home.

Three wonderful hours later we are home and ready for bed.  We fed them their actual dinner, dressed them for bed and I ran to pick up bonus babe.  Now that everyone is in bed, the big people can eat and see how the birthday boy enjoyed his day of quiet.

Not the most adventurous day on the planet, but it is the day in the life of “Jonesville”!!!!


Venus JonesVenus is a veteran homeschool mom to 9, the youngest 6 of which she’s adopted.  She has been homeschooling for 13 yrs.  She recently started a new blog called Mommy Bear Blog and would love for you to follow her journey there.

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