10 Ways to Reduce Stress in Your Homeschool Day

Do you ever have one of those days?  All the kids are whining, crying and just plain old demanding?  What about those days where every person in the family decides to puke?  Ewww, yuck.  I hate it when that happens!  Yes, I have those days, too.  They’re brutal!

The truth is, we have a choice to make on days like that.  We can choose to get grumpy and mean, feeling sorry for ourselves or we can choose to try and roll with it, making your day go a little more smoothly for the family.

What can we do?  Here’s a few suggestions to get you going.  At the end, I want to hear your ideas, so get your thinking caps on!

reduce stress in your homeschool

Ditch School

Sometimes you just have to call it.  You have to accept that by trying to continue to do school that day, you are all going to be miserable human beings.  Sometimes ditching your school schedule that you were clinging so tightly to is the best thing you could ever do to help the flow of your day.  It’s OK.  Your family isn’t perfect.  You’re allowed to have off days.  Take some time to get back on track with the attitudes and the rest of your week will flow so much more smoothly!

Get Some Exercise

Occasionally, it’s not the kids that are acting up, it’s Mom (don’t ask me how I know!).  Sometimes mom needs to get her blood pumping so that she can feel good again.  Take some time to do an exercise video or go outside for a walk.  It’ll lift your spirits and get you feeling good again!  Better yet, have your kids do something active and they’ll be feeling better, too!

Go Out For Lunch

Getting away from the house can really help everyone to gain a different perspective.  It’s exciting to the kids, too!  Not dirtying the kitchen makes it even better for mom!  Be careful not to go out with tired toddlers though or that could make your day even worse.  I’ve tried that, it doesn’t work, trust me.

Use Paper Products

If you decide not to go out for lunch, make clean up time easier and use paper products.  You can even use them for dinner, too!  Consider keeping some on hand to pull out for days like this.

Cuddle up and Watch a Movie

Turning a movie on, helps each person get their minds off of what was bothering them.  My husband and I call it a “brain break”.  You focus only on the movie and not on everything else that’s on your mind.  If you’re watching the movie together, you’re creating some special bonding time, too.  Something you likely need during this stressful time!

Get Some Sunshine

A lack of Vitamin D (that Vitamin you get from the sun) has been known to cause people to be depressed.  If you are feeling down in the dumps, spend 30 minutes with as much of your skin exposed as you can.  This will help boost your spirits and help you to feel like your day isn’t quite as bad as it was.  I highly recommend the whole family doing this.  Cranky children definitely benefit from Vitamin D as well!

Get Alone

You may need some alone time.  Why is it that they always follow you to the bathroom?  LOL.  I have been known to shut myself in the bedroom for 15 minutes just to hear myself think.  There’s 6 kids in our family, so some days we REALLY need our alone time!  Each one of us!  You could institute a nap time where everyone has to do something quiet for a set amount of time.

Take a Nap

Let’s face it.  Sometimes we’re just plain tired.  Being tired causes grumpiness.  It’s a proven fact.  If you’ve got a case of the grumpies, consider taking a nap.  Even older children occasionally need naps.  It’s not a bad thing.  Take a nap for 15 minutes to 2 hours.  Whatever you feel will make the day go smoother.  Personally, I can’t survive on the smaller naps.  I have to have a bigger one to make it worth my while.

Put Dinner in the Crockpot

If you feel your day getting stressful, quick, grab a recipe and toss the ingredients into the crockpot.  There’s nothing better on a stressful day than having supper already cooked so you don’t have to stand in the kitchen for long periods of time with that grumpy child hanging from your leg!

Get Silly

Silliness breeds giggles.  Giggling breeds happiness.  Happiness slashes grumpiness and kicks it to the curb.  Yes, you know how to do it.  Do what makes your kids laugh.  Make faces, dance, sing silly songs, tell jokes, just find some way to lighten the overall mood of the house and suddenly you’ll find the day getting a little easier.


I hope that gives you some great ideas to implement the next time your day gets crazy.  I realize all of these ideas won’t work in every situation.  Be sure to check out my other post on 10 Ways to Sneak Health Into Your day!

How does your family make a stressful homeschool day a little easier?


  1. As a new homeschooler, with a pre-teen daughter struggling with hormonal issues :), sometimes I just have to take a step back, and give us permission to have fun. WE often talk walks, go to lunch or watch movies. For us, relationship building has been huge this year. Blessings!

  2. I wish I’d read this post before my kids finished homeschool & started university 🙂 No matter, I’ll apply them to my new work place (who are thankfully just as flexible as my kids were)

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